Can’t get the first sale?

Hey there, if you’re here, this means you’ve probably found out somewhere that eCommerce is a hot industry to be in right now.

You’ve probably seen gurus on YouTube telling you how you can make a store in 30 minutes, make $17k in 4 days, find winning products and then at the end of that, sell you a $4000 course to show you how to do all that.

Before you fall for it, let me be your devil’s advocate. The truth that they don’t want you to know is that eCommerce is bloody difficult! It’s like being an octopus with 8 limbs, juggling 12 balls while balanced on a see saw, without knowing what the future holds for your store!

This is from my personal experience as a store owner, and a former-believer in YouTube gurus. They’ll sell you the dream but they won’t give you the dirty details because it simply isn’t sexy.

I’m not here to shatter your dreams. I’m here to open your eyes. There is no magic bullet in eCommerce, and you can ask any experienced eCommerce entrepreneur. The dream is sometimes more profitable than the dirty business itself.

With that out of the way, know that you should be looking for experienced store owners to take advice from, not gurus with a public presence.

If you’re already making sales but are not yet profitable, good job! You can probably even skip this and read the Breakeven Point article I wrote.

If you’re struggling with making that first sale, don’t worry. Every aspiring eCommerce business owner faces this first sale. Every millionaire has had their first sale.

Have a tonne of questions yet no one would actually guide you on the little things? Not even the guru you paid $3997 for in course fees would tell you the simple steps?

Yep, you’re in the right place. No, I’m not a guru, and I’m not here to sell you a course.

I’m here to share some of what it looks like working with a real expert.

Troubleshooting Your Store

When you have any IT problems, your support rep will ask you what OS you’re running on, what your systems info show, what applications you have installed etc.

This is basic diagnosis. Finding what’s wrong with your store’s funnel is an exercise in diagnosis.

If you’re spending hundreds of dollars but are not converting, you have to stop your ads.

What then? Let’s diagnose the situation.

The first thing I would do in a non-performing ad spend scenario is go over your Video Views.

Are people even watching what you’ve set up as an ad?

Are the viewers clicking through to your website?

How long are they spending on your website?

Did they Add to Cart?

Did they Initiate Checkout?

By answering these simple yet difficult questions, you gain a lot of clarity on how to fix these issues one-by-one. Each step is a step closer to achieving your dreams of running a successful eCommerce store.

But, still no sales?

If you’d like a closer, more personal look at your store, I can help you look at your problems deeply and help you achieve sales, from zero to hero.

My aim is to connect with serious business owners like yourself and watch you make your first sale to the day you celebrate your own definition of success.

We only work with businesses who are willing to give it all to scale to new heights, to be the brand that you envisioned yours to be.

What does it take for you to build a meaningful, impactful brand that customers will remember?

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