Meet DL.

I weave magic into data to uncover stories that can’t be seen at a glance.

What do I do exactly?

I’m a growth hacker and a data scientist. My multidisciplinary skillset has allowed me to think beyond the confines of the situation and combine different skills to find solutions that may not be obviously seen with the naked eye.

You see, I love breathing life into data to tell powerful narratives. Making sense of data has allowed me to lead and pave the way into the unknown for those I work with.

With previous experience communicating expertly to different stakeholders as a management consultant in a technical field, never fear if a concept is too complex! I’m always here to help.

As we all know, fear of the unknown can be very intimidating and soul crippling. But with data, it’s like having a light shine the path forward in the darkness. You are never alone when you have data 🙂

Before data can move to the tune of your drums, it has to be refined and polished to fit the needs of our objectives. This is where I come in as a data scientist, to wrangle and automate the data and set it up for success.

Using best practices in data engineering and statistics, I build models to predict metrics like profitability, effective marketing channels, customer lifetime value, the perfect customer persona for products as well as advanced lead scoring. Don’t worry if this doesn’t sound like English, I’ll build a dashboard complete with documentation so you can track progress in real-time and not worry about weekly or monthly reporting!

My goal is to help you uncover the goldmine that you’re currently sitting on right now. With the abundance of data available thanks to the Internet, you’re bound to smash those business goals once I have you set up with the right toolset and mindset to make the right strategic decisions. Strategic decisions that will bring your business to new heights!

Let’s grab a virtual coffee and open up the data black box you’ve been sitting on. Click on the below links to meet up with me.

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