Technology Stack Consultation

Not sure which system to use for your eCommerce business?

Shopify or Woocommerce?

Mailchimp or Klaviyo?

Paypal or Stripe?

Yes, there are indeed plenty of options available and even the two listed for each category above are only the well known ones. And they’re well known since they serve a certain target audience.

There are many lesser known solutions that also do what the above do, but with a better fit to your business.

It is critically important to have the right system in place to support the load that your business will be receiving as it scales. Many eCommerce businesses scale without a solid foundation, and sometimes lead to enraged customers requesting pesky chargebacks.

Often times, we get shoved a solution that when implemented, we find out we don’t really like it all that much after all. And then you’re stuck with a solution no one really wants and yet still have to use it. That doesn’t always have to be the case if you have someone who listens.

You may read some of our blog posts here, to understand the pros and cons of each system. If you require any further help, we can assist.

In order to chart the best system for your business we can get on a call to understand your needs and your goals, and then selecting the best system to reach those goals in the best way that you and your team can.

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