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John Lambert

Acme Ltd

DL is detailed, technical, and constantly upgrading his skills. He’s got the skill set to plan out a measurement strategy, build the implementation, and create reporting structures that both answer meaningful questions as well as predict future results. If you have a chance to work with DL… take it!

It took many years (and dollars) for me to find the right analytics partner and I’m grateful to say that’s DL at Doublewood Enterprises. I approached him with big projects and sophisticated plans and he’s exceeded my expectations.

DL has a strong balance of business and technical knowledge — but none of that makes any difference without exceptional communication and consistent follow through — which has been my experience with him since day one.
Sofia Ravel
Pettius & Co
DL is thorough, technical and constantly upgrading his skills. He excels at his ability to plan out a strategy and build the implementation while streamlining processes, with room for automation. He saved us a lot of time and trouble in having to get different vendors to integrate into a unified process.
Robert Sheen
Unity Ltd
DL has tested many ecommerce solutions and understands their pros and cons deeply. He was able to help us select the best technologies suited for our one product store. He’s also very passionate about creating optimised funnels that converts like never before. Definitely an expert in his field.
Olivia Duspa
Deddington & Friends
Since working with DL early on in our business, we’ve grown our bootstrapped store to our first $50k month. Much more to come soon!
Cameron Holly
DVSN Public Co.
With DL’s help, we’ve managed to build a sustainable, data-driven ecom store growing from one marketing channel to three. He works very closely with me and my team to optimise as we go. If you have a chance to work with DL’s broad and deep knowledge, take it!
Sheldon Lime
Lime & Partners

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